Good Anchorage Lawsuit

Good Anchorage Limited is a company formed in Vanuatu on October 21, 2013 by Dietmar Petutschnig and Captain Todd Rapley. At the time the company had a mission to "create an accurate quality online service of real time verified maritime information." Simply put, Good Anchorage collected crowdsourced anchorage data.

Around the time of formation Petutschnig and Rapley offered Dmitry Meleshko an ownership stake in exchange for developing software to power website. Todd Rapley drafted an Operating Agreement which purportedly memorialized the parties agreement about the ownership.

On March 30, 2015 Good Anchorage Limited filed a lawsuit against Meleshko. The company demanded, among other things, control over the software. On February 22, 2016 Judge Robert P. Contillo ordered dismissal of the complaint, rescission of the Good Anchorage Operating Agreement, and awarded Meleshko ownership of the source code.

The accompanying decision explained that the Operting Agreement was rescinded on the ground of several mistakes which made Meleshko's ownership in Good Anchorage Limited "illusory and unenforceable." In addition, the contract was rescinded due to equitable fraud as "the court holds that Petutsching and Rapley made incorrect statements, intended for Defendant to believe those misstatements, and induced Defendant to rely upon these misstatements."

Summary Judgment (February 22, 2016):

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